The Maliks

At Renate’s party, Bojan dad came to me and greeted me.
I returned his greeting piloted.
“You know me …” He said.
“No I don’t …” I thought to myself
“You held my son.” He made a motion of cradle a baby.
The only baby I held was Bojan who’d 30 years old, now – I held Bojan in 1984. This handsome man could not have been the father of 30 years old. He looks no more than 40.

“I’m Bojan’s father.” He insisted.
When nothing went into me, he dragged him wife over …

Oh man.

I some times do need an extra brain …

When I first met them, I was in my early 20s and treated them as adult adult, the real adult (as vs me, a freshly minted adult). They both look so young n fresh ..

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