Renwick Gallery

1661 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20006

The small building, built in 1859 by architect James Renwick, Jr. is across the street from the Old Executive Office Building. At the time, it’s knows as “the American Louvre”. Now it houses American craft and decorative arts, reopened last November after a renovation. During our visit, Feb 2016 it’s the inaugural exhibition Wonder with nine exhibits:

  1. House of cards – Untitled by Tara Donovan
  2. Rainbow –  Plexus A1 by Gabriel Dawe
  3. Nest or incubators – Shindig by Patrick Dougherty
  4. Janet Echelman
  5. tree of life – Middle Fork, by John Grade
  6.  – Chesapeaker by Maya Lin
  7. Michelin tires
  8. bugs life – In the Midnight Garden by Jennifer Angus
  9. codes are beautiful – Volume by Leo Villareal (Renwick’s)

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