The reception hall 接官厅


My ancestor Zhou Fu built two 祠堂 shrines. The main one was burned to the ground by the invading Japs during the war, and this dilapidated building was the rare hall – what was left of the second shrine. They now call it the reception hall 接官厅. Many events, indeed are held here. Near by is his home site where Zhou Fu was born and grew up and a ruined building.


Pictures below, on the L indicates this building is designated historical by the Dongzhi county in September 2007 and the R indicates this building is honored with a historical designation on March 10th, 2012 (?) by the city of Chizhou.

IMG_9433 IMG_9441

Paying my respect to my ancestors, with my distant cousin (族姐周启恕) Qishu who’s the only one still lives there. Getting a group photo with my handsome chauffeur (just kidding) and courteous hosts, who volunteer their time and resources for a better tomorrow.

image IMG_8907

A few snapshots in and out of the Reception Hall. Many slogans from the bygone era are still visible.

IMG_8893 IMG_8889 IMG_8892 IMG_8897

The surrounding areas, then off to the Cement Dam 洋灰坝.

IMG_8890 IMG_8894

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