Providence, RI

P River

Providence River

Photo above: the small white steeple to the left is the First Baptist Church in America below. The middle obelisk is in the Memorial Park and the building to the right is the Providence county courthouse – I think. Revisit in Aug

image  IMG_285200 First_Baptist_Church_Providence
The First Baptist Church in America.

Roger Williams founding this city in 1636, which is one of the oldest in US. Smithsonian magazine states that St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest, established in 1585. Wiki has a longer list of the oldest.

image IMG_2395 image image

My first impression is: pretty, small and neat. We walked from Waterman Street @ RISD, passing Main St, to Canal Walk, along the Providence River. A dedication to Giovanni Da Verrazzano.

me and

me and a seagull

image IMG_2751 IMG_2766 IMG_2799

There are a few high end restaurants near the water, DownCity (RI 02903):

IMG_2808 IMG_2816 IMG_2822 IMG_2821 IMG_2823 IMG_2819

We ended up having dinner at Teriyaki & Korean House in the vacant downtown after visiting a  mast and costume shop. The lady host said kids are left for the summer – it’s a college town. Brown is next to RISD. This shop owner entertained us.

Providence on wiki (forum on hiking); an interesting read on Providence’s Black Chinese: A Love Story.

TripAdvisor: school; RISD; The top 10 Nature & Parks:

  1. Roger Williams Park Zoo
  2. Roger Williams Park
  3. Swan Point Cemetery
  4. Water Place Park and Riverwalk
  5. Providence River ->> my photos
  6. Prospect Terrace
  7. Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
  8. Waterfront Park
  9. Memorial Park ->> and my pictures
  10. Lippett Memorial Park

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