Grain House

249-11 Northern Blvd,
Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 229-8788

On a recommendation we went to this 2-month old Sichuan restaurant. Parking is across the street at the Stop & Shop supermarket.

Like: their wine glasses, classical music, the food and the decor. We visited it again and crossed it off.

image image image image

Disappointed: glass table tops & running out of crabs.

Funny: I asked in Chinese if they’ve liquor license before going.
“What do you mean?” The lady asked.
“… well, if you’ve, then I don’t have to bring a bottle of wine.”
“You can bring red wine but not beer and soda because we serve them.”
So I brought my red wine.
As soon as I sat down, I saw they do have wines. “Misunderstanding,” one of the two male hosts said, who went on to say, they’d allow it anyway. Oh well.

I ordered the spicy crabs which I went for. A few minutes later was told they didn’t have enough.

“How many do you have?”
“Four.” And they use sic for the dish.
“Can’t you prorate the dish?” I pleaded.
“Our margin is so thin …” the host said.

What’s the heck!

The two female waiting staff were pretty inexperienced, probably their wives?

… For the wine glasses and classic music n the food , I’d return.

The lamb is really good … they’re all good, except the second one – my family enjoyed it but I found it bit too sweet – the way it should be.

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