Yihai Bathhouse

Finally, I’ve my wish come true, partially: going to a bathhouse after a tiring trip, in Beijing.

Not much have changed at Yihai since 2011. The staff is courteous, bowing 90 degrees whenever they see you, which makes me feel a little too humble ad docile. Decent food with wide selections. The only addition is a kiddies playing area. The scrubbing cost ¥188 for 30 minutes. The girl is from Anhui, bubbly and pleasant. When I asked her how many customers she routinely services, she says about 4 (I found this to be surprisingly low); and how long her day is, she replies with rather hardened voice, “12 hours”.

When Yihai initially opened, they offered double bonus: paying up ¥10,000 get additional 10,000 match and buying ¥50k, get additional ¥75k in the account. ¥125,000 covers a lot of baths.

img_6943 img_6958 img_6952 img_6945

I would have liked to sleep over there but my friend just won’t hear any of it.

Maybe it’s good to have a wish? To bath and sleep at a bath house. 澡堂 和 洗浴中心 是不同的: 前者是旧 后者为新式 有餐饮 高大上.


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