Privacy in China

To counter the anti corruption campaign and gaining more control over privacy, or simply to have a pad to entertain, many entrepreneurs have set up their own clubs/mini hotels, large and small, as early as decades ago. This one in Hefei and this in Zhuhai.

Recently my friend set one up in Beijing. The CCTV anchor Bi Fujian‘s unfortunate dinner singing in April 2015 might have been the big push. The duplex is in a Haidian’s residential community. The lower level for dining and the two bedrooms on the top floor. My friend says that when there’s important guest coming, all cell phones would be collected into a basket where my friend can see, just to make sure.

img_6990 img_6991 img_6992 img_6989

As funny as it may sound, each country/region defines its freedom differently.

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