Zhengzhou station East 郑州东

Zhengzhou Dong, train station
Jinshui, Zhengzhou, China, 450046

Wiki has a page for it. It began to operation in Sept 2012, cost ¥4 billion to build.

Trains make Zhengzhou. The PA on the train announces. The cab drive says so too: all cargoes come to Zhengzhou then distribute to their destination. The new train station is only partially opened.

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No wonder the caboose was so empty from Zhengzhou to Xuzhou: they just opened this route on September 10, 2016. Bought a bottle of red wine

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They charge you ¥5 to pick up tickets that’s not start from that station. It seems to me, either the system is inadequate or they’re milking.

This young couple get on the train. The boy said, pointing to the business/first class: “Let’s sit here.” A moment later, the attendant chase them to their rightful place.

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