Shanghai American School

258 Jinfeng Lu 金丰路258号
Minhang, Shanghai, China,

I bet all moms with kids remember this kind of events: planing, shopping, experimenting, tasting, adjusting, cooking/mixing, bottling, chilling, (short sleep)  moving, decorating, shouting, selling, counting money, dismantling what you’ve just done a few hours earlier… tired like a dog but happy. Not sure when will I get the second chance.

Vendors come in doves, selling apartments, after school programs, pro bakeries, …

有孩子在上学的妈妈们还记得吗?计划, 买料,试验,调味,装瓶,雪藏,搬运,摆饰,吆喝,收钱,拆迁… 精疲力尽,声嘶力竭 [偷笑] 不过做的很开心. 不知道猴年马月才会再有这种机会了. 🇺🇸学校需不需要这种💰 是另外一回事儿. 卖房的,卖糕点的,卖课后活动的 … 也都蜂拥而来.

img_9130 img_9126 img_9124 img_9123 img_9116  img_9133

.. and a few hours later. Some are better dressed than the other.

img_9180 img_9178 img_9176 img_9171 img_9162 img_9158 img_9149 img_9144

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