Mutter in Shanghai

Oriental Art Center
425 Dingxiang Rd, Pudong Xinqu,
Shanghai, China

– Carnegie 2020
Mutter in Alte Oper in 2019

OAC opened in 2004, under the same roof with the opera house. Its different from Shanghai Concert Hall. The decor is warm and simple, it’s a pleasure to enjoy Anne-Sophie Mutter‘s performance. Although she gave two encores but I felt there is an icy distance between her and the audience – she chatted with her pianist the whole time never looked at us. Great seats at exuberant price ¥1,280 (about US$200).

img_9303 img_9292 img_9320 img_9304

This young woman comes to see her from Beijing (she said Mutter gave 4 encores in Beijing!). When she tries to present a bouquet of flowers, one of the ushers stopped her, to which prompts Mutter to ask, “where is my flower?” Throughout the performance, the ushers come out in doves several times, holding ‘no photography’ sign which is super annoying.

img_9315 img_9319

The little shop for musical boxes:

img_9288 img_9287 img_9284 img_9285


是呀?她只演奏了2首. 有点怪怪的是表演前后她一直和伴奏说话 – as if there’s no connection with the audience. I felt a little rude [闭嘴] but her (their) performance was excellent.


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