Casa della Mozzarella

604 E 187th St,
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 364-3867

House of Mozzarella. I’ve a nose for food. The door could not have been smaller but it just feels right. So I went in. I feel dizzy from all the stuff hanging high and packed shelves – a flea market? a junk yard? I feel dizzy that I find a little gem. They make the best mozzarella in the world. Zero Otto Nove gets their mozzarella from them. The line is long, all the time. And don’t try to go there next week, during the Good Friday if you don’t prepare to wait for hours.


… and … I love artichoke. And consider the Italians know how to cook them. Sooo … I was ready to buy. Then one of the guys began to crack open this big metal can Ciro sarciofi alla romana con gambo. Before I knew it, he fished out one artichoke after anther. Gee … I would think they cook them. Oh well.




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