Hello New York!

Last day in Hong Kong, we got a blue sky dotted with white clouds. I got my swim in. This year, the club at Jennie’s complex charges HK$10 per session on weekday and $15 on weekend. In the morning, we went to 尖沙咀 Tsim Sha Tsui again. Stores open pretty late, at 11 or even 12.

I haven’t been able to reserve seats on the flight home, and the prospect isn’t sunny: only few extra leg room seats were available at additional US$100 each. I actually don’t like the extra leg room seat. On my last long flight home I got one (without paying for it, or unaware ..) and I was happy to exchange to a regular seat. When I got to the Terminal 1, I had problem to check in from the kiosk. However, the counter clerk was able to get us two separate window seats. Hmmmmmmm … I wondered how could they find seats when the chart showed none were available.
“.. there are canceled seats, such as customers on a delayed fight .. ”
Whatever or whichever.

Again, the airline, checked our carry-ons before the gate, claiming it was the requirement of the US Government. Didn’t we finished off Bin Laden?

Pump and I sat separately. After the dinner, I dosed off to sleep. When I wake up, there was only little two hours left to New York. I was happy!
We landed on time. However, the immigration was a long long wait. After we waited on line for about 10 minutes, an older Chinese woman with few kids came from behind. Pushed us aside and walked pass us. First I thought they were joining the rest of the family ahead of us. But they stopped few spots in front of us, by themselves. Then an old Chinese man did the same, joining them. Hmmmmm… the lousy line cutters. With kids in toe. Good example. When it were their turn to go to the immigration officer, and airport/immigration staff checked their passports and sent them elsewhere. They waited on the wrong line. Chinese respect their elders but what do we do when the elders don’t know how to respect themselves?

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