The auction

Day 18: Wednesday, Feb 7

The captain’s farewell reception is cancelled due to the rough sea of Drake Passage. But we’re or they’re able to hold the auction of few ship remnants, such as the flag, the map, etc., plus a few other items, such as a bottle of whisky … etc. The proceed will benefit the crew.  AJ is the auctioneer and the bidding is quite enthusiastic.


3 hours away from the port of Ushuaia, in the corridor of Beagle Channel, is Isla Gable island on the right (to the north). This part of BC is known as the eastern, shared by Argentina to the north and Chile to the south, is used by the Antarctic cruises between Ushuaia and South Shetland Islands. A few photos I took here shown Chile as the location. The western part of Channel is Chile’s entirely.



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