Jan 11 2011

A leggy babe

June 2009
This long legged girl was walking down the street in New York City toward me. Her extra long legs garnered attention. Bit too thin, no?

Dec 6 2010

Panpan 盼盼

July 1985 at Xiyuan Hotel in Beijing
Uncle Chen Yu had me stayed there and Panpan came to visit. She’s one of my childhood friends ..

Oct 20 2010

Jennie’s honey

Auntie Jennie introduced this New Zealand honey to me:

“UMF” is the property which gives active manuka honey it’s special healing quality. UMF manuka honey with a rating of 16+ has the highest level of antibacterial activity, giving you faster, more reliable results.

Sep 28 2010

The last day

Auntie Jennie had this tea waiting for me when I got to her apartment on Sunday. I was very humbled. There were many instances that I wanted to express my feelings, wanted to let her know that I care about her. But I never managed to conjure enough courage to get the words out of my mouth. Seeing the tea was one of such moments. .. but I chickened out by inspecting the tea in detail. I

Sep 27 2010

H.K. Cultural 香港文化

Hong Kong used to be a cultural desert; errrhhh that

Sep 20 2010

Quan Zuwang 全祖望

史学大师 全祖望, stands by the 月湖 Yuehu, the Moon Lake. Next to it is a neat 李宅青年旅舍 Ningtown Lee’s Youth Hostel, looking out at the Tea Museum. The standard room RMB 168 yuan with private bathroom and a TV.

Jul 19 2010


Renate in her last office

Jul 4 2010

Xiao Yin 小尹 then and now..

For the good humor I wore the same top..
The little girl is now managing a bank branch in London, after graduating from Cambridge and speaks Queens English, If that makes one feeling prestigious, so much power to them. She’s dating a smashing looking cricket player (as hobby) from Sir Lanka.

July 4, 2010, London

Oct, 1989, New York

Jun 29 2010

Day 8 at Wimbledon

On a wimp, we decided to go to Wimbledon again. We left early, found the queue line was much shorter. When we got to the gate, it was only 11am. Unexpectedly, the cashier asked us if we would like a pair of Centre Court tickets.
“Center Court?” I looked at Pumpkin.
Yessssss …
It’s going to be a really sweet 16!
The only worry that crossed my mind at that moment was I didn’t have enough cash since they won’t take any credit card.
As it turned out, we were very luck – got them at discount:

Aug 2 2003

Meeting Zhous

周启文 (Weizeng‘s son), 国良的女儿,叫丽(利,立)良 her father 国良 Guoliang.

Aug 2, 2003

Aug 2, 2003