Oct 11 2019

Chengdu 成都

Qijiang @ Chengdu

We arrived late from Taiyuan – actually our train arrived five minutes early than scheduled. But our hotel was cross the street from the station, at 11:35pm, the street was buzzed with cars and people.

My first impression of Chengdu is: old, old buildings even the top brands in downtown. Smokers, lots of them, even in the restaurants. Hot – spicy. I consider myself can handle pretty spicy food but my first fray out was a mistake. I asked for the mild (medium and hot) spicy but it almost killed me. The oil and saltiness upset my stomach so much that I’ve to run to a bathroom, twice, and the following day.

Sichuan cuisine has been in vogue worldwide in recent decades but it hits me only now that Sichuan food has two traits: salt and spice. Let’s face it: salt = tasty.

Oct 11 2019

Yes Inn 成都雅仕

8 Jialingjiang Road
嘉陵江路8号 成华区
Chenghua District, Chengdu

I recommend this hotel for the convenience – cross street – to Chengdu East train station.

It has two types of accommodations: the hotel and apartment, under four names with Longmont being the most expensive among the four and Rayfont the least: 

  1. 龙之梦大酒店 Longemont 
  2. 瑞锋国际 Rayfont
  3. 亚士商务酒店 Yes Inn
  4. 瑞锋公寓 Rayfont Apt

This hotel group is massive, east of the train station. It’s modern, clean and well light. We stay at Yes Inn (room 509). The bathroom’s door is used also for the shower which is pretty cool. The water pressure is good. However, there are some nagging pains: unstable toilet seat, hard to insert outlets and leaky shower. But over all, I’m satisfied and will return.  

 There is a pool and a gym, etc for different price range (free or paid). A travel agency, a supermarket, a convenient store, a small eatery, cafe/bar and restaurants are on site. Bus #4 is cross the street which we take often.