Hengfu Sunshine Club 恒福阳光会所

Hengfu Yangguang Club
2 South Qinglv Road, Zhuhai 519015, China

They operate two more hotels, one in the city, Hengfu Sunshine Hotel and one by the airport.

Highly recommend the hotel and its restaurants. Pretty sunrise and sunset.

This Club is on the tip of the land fill Siu Pai 小排 where Vanke is building a multiple high rises. I stay at the top floor suite #408, over looking the Zhujiang River Estuary  珠江口. The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge is being built and there is a construction bridge to the right which will be kept after the completion of the Bridge. To the left, ferries going in and out from the Jiuzhou Port continually. On the clear days, from the bed, I watch the sun rises and set.

img_0087 img_1271

… and sun sets behind the Bridge.

img_1272 10-22 5:34pm img_1278 10-22 6:05pm

Out of the lobby is the Lover’s Road, which is suitable for jogging, biking, yoga and many more. The room/suite is pleasant, the bed and pillows are comfortable. Mini refrigerator. Bottled water. Spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi and very good shower pressure.

On site, there is a restaurant and a tea house on either side of the lobby. I’ve many meals there: very delicious. I particularly like their pufferfish 河豚鱼, fortunately, I get to live to write this review.

img_0072 img_0071 img_0090 img_0091 img_0092 img_0089


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