Feb 14 2024

Amex Centurion @ ATL

This Amex Centurion Lounge at Atlanta ATL Terminal E by Gate 11, has just opened this morning, I think at 6am, when we flew in from Buenos Aires, to change flight home.

… more pix videos on Google Maps, Yelp & TA

As we flew into Atlanta to change flight, we’re treated to their newest Centurion Lounge that just opened that moment.

Opening hours: 6am to 11pm daily.

The place is huge, easily double the space to other centurion lounges. A gentleman in suit showed me around – thank you. They’ve two outdoor terraces, one whisky bar with 34 (?) American whiskeys. Chef Deborah Vantrece curates nice layouts, from fruits to bakery to sausage … my most favorite is the pinkish cheese grit with a hint of spicy – the most delicious grit I’ve had 😘 salty and spicy

The decor is modern. With green-wall at the entrance, to books and luggage to enclosed meeting spaces.

Staff are fresh, friendly and energetic – do keep it up.

The only speck is the lacking of tea spoons – love their utensils by the way. “No worry,” I told the gentleman: the cruise ships use regular spoons for their desserts – is this the trend or what?
The shower has 15 minutes limit.
It’s a sunny day and I got a few sunrise videos and pix, before they put down the shades.