Feb 6 2024

El Viejo Marino

Av. Maipú 227

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Won’t return.

The low three star is totally due to my personal preference and experience: it takes a lot to impress a New Yorker. In any cases, they probably deserve 4 star: very accommodating, good service with a smile …

We got there at 7:39pm and seated by 8:49, sharing a table with another couple. (Or wait more time for a table for two. Most tables sit four.)

Two small dining halls, side by side. Our side can sit 18 people, and can stretch out for a few more.

No frill but they do it with a kind smile. By mistake, we ordered wrong food. The couple who sat at the same table took over and explained to them what we might want (the lady knew exactly what we wanted …) the restaurant took our food back without any fuss. Very sorry but many thanks.

We shared a king crab. (All the time I wondered why the hell did I wait for an hour for? Doesn’t New York have it better?…) I think we waited only bec we were finally got on shore after 18 days at sea. A friend recommended this place. And we didn’t have any other thing to do for the evening. We’ve enough of ship’s ‘fine dining’ – just want a change. The yellow rice is tasteless. The salad has no dressing.

A few my Chinese shipmates found this place too. They took endless videos and photos, which is a nuance at this tiny restaurant. The Chinese are oblivious and the restaurant is unfailingly polite about it.
The snow crab isn’t any tastier. I’ll take Maryland blue crab any given day!!!

I tried, and I move on.