Chan Seng Kei 陈胜记

Chensheng Ji
Rua Caetano No21, Coloane / 路環市區計單奴街21號
+853 2888 2021
Macau, China

The second stop of our bike tour is at this Michelin Guide 2017 eatery. The surrounding is pretty – on the Largo Eduardo Marques square, diagonally opposite (south of) from Uni of Macao across the water, next to colorful Chapel of St. Francis; runs by 3rd generation. Their famous stewed duck with tangerine peel (chenpi duck 陳皮鴨) only serves after 6 pm, unfortunately. The veggie and squid are yummy. The coconut cost HK$50 (about US$6.45), twice as much as in New York City.

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