Greyline: city bus tour

Two of 24 stops are at their store front.
Buenos Aires

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Due to Antarctic cruise, we came to Buenos Aires.

This is my first time taking a hop on and off double decker city bus tour, because Buenos Aires’ public transportation is difficult to use, starting from buying the metro card. I don’t have feelings for the city due to my own ignorance – didn’t read any books on it, so it’s a lazy and easy way to spend a few days here.

For the same tour bus line, there are different rate on different site. So do your homework. We got ours on TripAdvisor: 24 hours $30 and 48 hours $35. 72 hours ticket isn’t available when we looked today.

Gray Line, reported, is the largest. It has 24 stops, runs every 20 minutes, from 10am to 6pm, BUT each stop starts and ends slightly different BE SURE to check the ending time at the stop you intend to get on at day’s end. The site offers English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. It has 24 stops with little sign and area, so you won’t miss it. At some stops, the line is very long. So be prepared to wait for the next bus.

We got on in the morning at 10:30am. We walked a little before decided to get on at that stop when we saw a few people waiting with their phones out – an easy sign that it’s the stop. We didn’t time it, but the bus came within two minutes. It was pretty full but everyone got on and have a seat. Some has paper code and we’ve digital. After scanning, each couple was given a map, and each was issued ear bud to listen to the recorded guide. Language it offers in English, Spanish, probably more, I didn’t check.

Passengers are mostly kept to themselves, except the couple behind us. As it turned out, we’re from the same state -:) and he asked early on if we’re here for the Antarctic cruise. They just landed in BA, and will sail on Celebrity, out of Ushuaia this Saturday.


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