The aerial view of FFM – Frankfurt am Main. The Lufthansa imprints. More pix on piwigo

My long trip starts from Frankfurt. Do I still feel the same way when I hear German? The language synonymous of power, competence, strength and, most importantly, prosperity?

The country is still breathtakingly beautiful and romantic, the quality that pulled me in in the first place. However, what’s wrong with Germany? Have their southern cousins Greeks, Italians and Spaniards dragged them down? How long can it sustain the rest of EU? The alliance eliminated the possibility of war, as some Germans think but seriously I don’t see any wars between or among them any time soon, prior the formation of EU. Trade war yes.

My gut feeling is Germany is at its wits end. It’s no energy nor mean to lift the sinking boat (of southern neighbors).

The security point (at the transfer from the flight LH 721 fm BJ to LH404 to NY) was rude. It’s an empty area, I was surprised to even find a check point. The women were just simply rude. One of the men harassed me with my two bags of sesame, asking if he could test it. As it happened, I have two separate identical containers in two separate bags. He tested one. To me, untrained in the national security, it looks like harassment to me. The public sector is faltering. The private side seems ok, although most businesses away from Frankfurt accept cash only.

我一直喜欢德国尤其法兰克福。但是昨天那一刻我真想告诉那不礼貌的女人,你小破国一个. … 直觉强盛一时的德国,不知道还能支撑南方的邻居多久?

The varied classes of Lufthansa. Renate came to pick me up at FRA. The escalator at the Frankfurt airport didn’t work and the trains were messed up between platforms. Renate was mad and cursed out loud! You go girl! We ended up taking taxi home. The escalator failed to work again when I returned to FRA from Beijing on the A380. Carrying the carry on climb the steps is not fun. Mechanical failures in Germany, seemingly odd given their reputation.

Went for a walk on Leipziger Str and dinner at Falkstr 45. Meeting their friends at dinner: Paul who knew Yue Xu (she married a French, last he knew). They all knew about the song the East is Red 东方红.

Breakfast at Falk Hotel on Saturday, 5/24; bike washer and walked around the neighborhood. I walked the Bockenheimer Str to town, passing by the Alte Oper. Getting wifi in the Apple storeFood fair n cost of pears, by the water. Falungong 法轮功; downtown, Roemer

IMG_4721More than 140 friends from over 35 countries – Yes, I’m the only one from the USA – come to celebrate Renate’s birthday and anniversary, includes the Maliks

Thank you for having me !!! It’s a blast !!! Our little after party ..

We went to Kassel, an of course stopped by the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, climbed up the Herkules Monument on Sunday, passing by Fritzlar on 5/25

The following morning, I went for a walk around the neighborhood. After the breakfast we did Fulda trail walk, which was a great pleasure. Less people use dryer outside of the USA (and the German engineering – toilets), which is the right thing to do – making our earth a better place to live. The Sunday newspaper on Wilhelmshöhe. We left Kassel heading to Hann Munden. First visited the point where Werra meets Fulda at Hann Munden: the covered bridge; the church; the town’s buildings; B&B and more.

Caught a concert at the Alte Opra, the old opera house.  Renate’s flowers, orchids. Visiting Elisabeth (1924-2011), the last day in Frankfurt.


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